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Fuel assessments, Biomass combustion and handling support

Recent project activities BioC has been involved in

Feasibility studies
  • Co-firing of biomass fuels at coal fired power station.
  • Co-firing of waste derived fuels at coal fired power station.
  • Full conversion of coal fired power plant to biomass.
  • Assessment of biomass co-firing potential at coal fired power stations in: Poland, Australia, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia, UK.

Site testing
  • Milling trials with hammer mills, vertical spindle mills, tube and ball mills.
  • Test firing of biomass on numerous coal and biomass fired sites.
  • Test firing of modified coal burners for biomass.
  • Witnessing various station trials with biofuels.
  • Witnessing materials handling trials, milling trials, dust control trials, conveying trials, etc.

Fuel assessment
  • Assessment of biofuels for co-firing in coal fired utility boilers.
  • Assessment of biomass fuels for coal replacement.
  • Develpment of fuel assessment protocol for coal fired utility boilers.
  • Coal assessment for utility boilers.
  • Detailed study of chemical and physical properties of second generation biofuel pellets.
  • Image analysis of biomass particles.
  • Calculation of particle shape factor in 3D from microscope pictures taken from different directions, utilising image analysis.

Mill conversions
  • Milling trials with biomass in hammer mills, vertical spindle mills, tube and ball mills.
  • Computer simulation of the limitations in fuel moisture levels imposed by mill inlet air temperature and required mill exit temperature.
  • Assessment of mill inertion for biomass trials.
  • Test firing of biomass at power station with vertical spindle mills.
  • Test firing of biomass at power station with tube and ball mills.
  • Test firing of biomass pellets at power station with hammer mills.

Combustion and Emission Control
  • Assessment of primary Low NOx measures.
  • Combustion optimisation of gas burner.
  • Evaluation of changes in primary air register velocity profile after burner modifications suggested by burner supplier.
  • Development of modification concept for Low NOx coal burners for use with biomass.
  • Modification and testing of coal burners for use with biomass.

  • Development of mill heat balance model for coal mills. The model can also deal with biomass in the mill. (Sample output)
  • Development of simulation model for the calculation of maximum explosion pressure (Pmax) in a close vessel, like the standard explosion test vessels. This model is capable of replicating Pmax data from the expensive standard test. (Sample output)
  • Study of modelling parameters for particle combustion in CFD simulation.
  • Assessment of CFD biomass combustion modell.

Plant safety
  • Risk assessment for trial with wood pellets in hammer mill plant.
  • Third party review of risk assessment for single mill trial with coal and biomass.
  • Review of safety related technical procedures

  • Technical design review of biomass boilers.
  • Assessment of hardgrove testing of biomass pellets.
  • Trouble shooting of gas fired incinerator for process gas.